HISTORY TARALLI CALT is a brand whose products are part of a modern craftsmanship project.

Its name derives from the fusion of a word TARALLI, which is the name of this traditional Apulian snack with CALT, a word from the popular jargon meaning the boiling process taralli undergo while they are made, making them “heat up”. CALT also recalls the sound of the word CULT thus stressing Taralli Calt cultural gastronomic heritage. That is its own essence.

The starting point is the “tarallo” considered as an innovative product. Its original shape and style creates a perfect match with its traditional genuine taste.
All of “Taralli Calt” are handmade products. In order to create a top quality product, these snacks are the result of a scrupulous selection of guaranteed raw materials.
This is the perfect recipe for an exclusive high standard product particularly designed for an aware niche market.

CONSUMPTION As a simple snack or in combination with other traditional products.
“Squeezed Taralli”. They are the ideal choice for a simple snack or in combination with cheese, charcuterie or any pâté. Available in a 150gr and 300gr package formats.
“Traditional Round Taralli” are the truest essence of this Apulian traditional snack. Available in a 150gr and 300gr package formats.

FEATURES TARALLI CALT recipe is the same for both “Traditional Round Taralli Snack” and “Squeezed Taralli Snack”, is a traditional cooking process deriving from an old Apulian gastronomic tradition.
Using local raw materials such as flour, extra virgin olive oil, white wine, salt and fennel seeds is the key for a unique tasty product. Due to its freshness and genuineness Taralli Calt shelflife is about 8/9 months.