The expanses of olive trees as far as the eye can see are the first sign of our Puglia.
Our olive trees, exclusively from “coratina” cultivars, are over eighty years old and their fruits are harvested by hand and ground in a continuous cycle and cold extraction. The extra virgin olive oil is dense and fragrant with remarkable organoleptic and health properties.

The “coratina” cultivar allows to have an oil with a very low acidity and a high percentage of polyphenols. The flavor is fragrant and persistent and is indicated in low cholesterol diets.

Due to the presence of phenol compounds, phospholipids and fat-soluble vitamins, extra virgin olive oil plays a preventive role against many diseases. Extremely digestible, it prevents pathologies of the liver and heart and the formation of free radicals due to cellular aging.

The extra virgin olive oil “Agricola Marmo” has a green color with golden yellow reflections, the scent evokes the artichoke with a slightly bitter aftertaste.